ALLA, Inc.

Amazing Love Lives Always!

Sonya Mitchell is a native of Birmingham, Alabama where she graduated from A. H. Parker High School before attending Talladega College. After earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, Sonya was hired immediately at Talladega College as an Admissions Recruiter which she worked for five years prior to transitioning back to Birmingham where she continued working in recruiting and sales for local colleges and later for the United States Postal Service. 

Sonya enjoys helping others and this is the sole purpose why ALLA, Inc. exists.

1960 - 2006

Alfred Wilkins, Jr. was born in Birmingham, AL to a single mother and had three siblings. Based on what has been told about the mother of these four, she was very kind and loved her children dearly, especially her only son. 

Alfred, Jr.'s mother died when he was at the age of six; yet he had many other family members that loved and cared for him. Some even tried to fill the void of his mother; but Alfred, Jr. knew that his mother's love could never be replaced.

As Alfred, Jr. grew older, he began enjoying playing baseball and chess; telling funny stories and watching sci fi movies.

He was always a kid at heart. However, behind his charming smile sometimes was a heavy heart. Many times, Alfred's way of "coping" was by the use of drugs and drinking alcohol. He eventually became addicted which ultimately lead to his untimely death.



ALLA, INC., established in January 2008, derived from two young men who were loving, family oriented, highly intelligent and full of life. Unfortunately, because of some bad choices, their lives ended at early ages...but not in vain.

Sonya Mitchell, CEO and Founder, is the youngest sister to ALfred Wilkins, Jr. After the death of her brother, she was very angry and although she was angry, she realized that was not going to solve anything. There was one thing that she knew for certain and that was the fact that she did not want her brother’s death to be in vain. A change needed to happen.

Carla Youngblood, CFO and Founder, is the youngest sister to Warren LAmar Youngblood and she has made it a mission to change lives.

Sonya and Carla have joined forces to “Change Mindsets 2 Change Lives” and to prevent other families from living with the agony of watching love ones destroy their lives due to drug abuse. 

Ironically, in life ALfred and LAmar never knew each other; but after life there is new birth:

1961 - 2000

Warren "Lamar" Youngblood was the second born of five children. He grew up in a loving home where he shared meals daily with his parents and siblings. Lamar studied and played with his brothers and sisters. He was the leader of the bunch...a natural born leader.

His life was filled with ability as well as opportunity; but because of his involvement with drugs, all of that vanished.

Lamar was an all-around kind of person. He loved people and people loved him. The saying is know him was to love him.

Even though Lamar grew-up in a loving home surrounded with family and friends, he found himself experimenting with drugs in his mid-twenties. This addiction and lifestyle choice lead to his life ending at the premature age of thirty-nine.

Carla Youngblood is a native of Birmingham, Alabama where she is a graduate of Phillips High School and Birmingham-Southern College. After earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and becoming a Certified Public Accountant, Carla spent over twenty-five years in corporate America working her way through the ranks starting from a Staff Accountant to the Director of Accounting with a focus in the Health Care industry. Carla aspired to become a Chief Financial Officer which she is today for ALLA, Inc.