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Breast Cancer Services

In October 2015, Carla Youngblood, Co-Founder of ALLA, Inc. was diagnosed with breast cancer. After undergoing chemotherapy, a double mastectomy and radiation treatment, she knew it was "a must-add service" for ALLA, Inc. In October 2016, ALLA, Inc. added breast cancer to its services. Listed below are the events ALLA, Inc. hosts in honor of breast cancer survivors. For assistance with breast cancer services, contact:  Forge Breast Cancer Survivor Center

"The Truth" about Breast Cancer Comedy Tour

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, Comedienne Carla “The Truth”  hosted her Second Annual Comedy Tour  sponsored by ALLA, Inc. The event was held  at Birmingham- Southern College's Munger Auditorium.  The event benefited breast cancer patients and survivors along with their families and friends. The event was FREE to cancer survivors. 

  • 2:05

 Dr. April Maddux 

Commentary - 2016  "The Truth" about 

​Breast Cancer Comedy Tour

ALLA, Inc. is always proud to give back!! In support of cancer patients, ALLA, Inc. provides complimentary "DO NOT STICK THIS ARM" wristbands to the St. Vincent's Bruno Cancer Center and Simon Williamson Clinics' Cancer Center!  

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